Thank you, clients!
Over $60 million sold in the last 3 years alone!

July 25, 2017: Inventory & DOM up, but strong buying continues.

Rain, sunshine, cloudy day, it didn't matter, he was on the job. He ALWAYS promptly returned phone calls and e-mails.

Jammie H., Yelp

The entire experience, from "Let's meet up and get acquainted" to "Congratulations on your new home," was not only smooth but fun!

Crystal B., Yelp

Kevin always had an eye for things we would have never thought of.

Ally L., Yelp

His organizational skills are excellent -- he was very punctual, completely on top of all the loads of paperwork.

Andy B., Yelp

Kevin was an awesome agent to work with! Kevin made the whole experience easy.

Rebekah, RedFin

With Kevin we always knew the next step we had to take. Highly recommend and very satisfied.

Mitch G., Yelp

Don't get 'Biffed'... Choose Kevin and relax with a 'No Pressure' Agent, Marketing Genius, and Genuinely nice guy!

Matt S, Redfin.

Kevin was head and shoulders above any realtor I have ever worked with.

Greg H., RedFin

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2015 Sales Volume

50 transactions closed in 2015 alone. Of those, 29 were listings and 72% of those sold within 14 days. Thank you to all of the wonderful clients for making this happen!

Meet Kevin

Meet Kevin Instead

His word is as good as gold.

Don't Get Biffed!

Don't Get Biffed

Biff's a lousy real estate agent.



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Hire a professional to be a guide to the sale and earn top dollar for real estate. Premium marketing, excellent negotiation skills, consistent updates, and uncompromising communication. Find out how we sell properties for more money and earn an untarnished reputation with our clients. We go far beyond just raising the bar.

Sale Types
  • Standard / Equity Sales
  • Probate Sales
  • Short Sales
  • Trust Sales
  • Foreclosures
  • Auctions
  • 1031 Exchanges
  • Renovations Prior to Sale


Whether you are a first-time-home buyer, seasoned investor, luxury home enthusiast, or are looking to make a move, buying real estate is one of the most financially sound investment decisions one can make. Enlist us to find you a phenomenal deal and rest assured that we will be a guide through every step of the way.

Property Types
  • First-time Home Buyers
  • Single Family & Condos
  • Investor / Income Property
  • Commercial & Apartment Buildings
  • Waterfront, View, and Luxury Homes
  • Fix & Flip

Renovations Prior to Sale

All too often does Kevin meet clients who consider the option of selling a house "as is." Are there times where this may be preferable? Absolutely. However, Kevin has -- and many of his prior clients would agree -- helped earn sellers thousands in additional equity. Prior to selling a property, Kevin will discuss options with a seller on how to best maximize the bottom line. Kevin's mantra: Where can $1 be spent to make $2. During such renovations, clients often entrust Kevin with anywhere from $5,000-$50,000 to handle upgrades. Kevin collects proposals, coordinates works, handles all accounting via Quickbooks & BRE-regulated trust account, and spends money only as he would for his own properties. This generally relieves sellers of the stresses involved in preparing a property for sale, helps them walk away with more money and, almost always, facilitates a much faster sale.

Wealth Building

Zealous for making our clients money; this is our driving purpose. Advising our clients on what and when to buy or sell is our specialty. This is why we hope to be our clients' Realtor for life. We don't disappear when a transaction is complete; we stay in touch to recommend great times to refinance, sell, or acquire the next investment.

Need to refinance or are seeking general real-estate information? Kevin's always just a call away to provide you with comps or any information you may need.

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Kevin Inspecting an Attic

Real Estate Agent Kevin Paffrath Scoping a Sewer

Kevin Scoping a Sewer

Saving the owner money by preventing a second plumber from being called (to inspect from the roof).

Kevin Inspecting a Roof

Real Estate Agent Kevin Paffrath Spraying Termites

Kevin Treating for Termites

Real Estate Agent Kevin Paffrath Vacuuming

Kevin Vacuuming a Listing

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