'No-Pressure Agent'

What does it mean it and why does it matter?

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What Makes Kevin Different?

No-Pressure Agent Sign Rider


There are two main types of negotiating. One fallacious, one true. Negotiating is an art. , who previously trained negotiating with his local police department, learned that yelling, demanding, and forcing someone to do something is not negotiating; it's tyrannical behavior that jeopardizes real estate transactions.

In Kevin's view, negotiations in real estate should seek win-win solutions by inspiring self-motivating actions. When a counter party in a negotiation becomes self motivated to bring the deal together, much more success tends to follow.

The Way Real Estate Should Be

People don't like pressure. Bottom line.

When people visit a retail store, car dealership, or an open house, they come to access inventory, speculate options, and to gather information: not to get hounded for a sale or for their contact information.

While Kevin is completely for educating those around him and discussing options, Kevin feels that no one should feel pressured when they're working with him. Everyone's decision should be self motivated.


built his brand around the No-Pressure model. As such, "No-Pressure Agent" is a registered trademark both at the federal level: The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and at the state level: The California Secretary of State.

Why should this be trademarked? The purpose of a trademark, on in this case a "service mark," is to protect the identity that the phrase connotes. An agent once said, "My client said you had a listing coming up on Chamberlain. They said: "I forgot the name, but I remember it was that 'no-pressure' guy." The other agent knew who to call.
Groves Listing with

Kevin's Listing with "No-Pressure Agent" rider.

Every listing receives a "No-Pressure Agent" rider. Potential home buyers have said: "I wouldn't have called if it weren't for that rider; I usually don't call Realtors." The same has been said about open houses.
Original No-Pressure Agent Setup

Original "No-Pressure Agent" Setup.

Since, the car and open house signs have been redesigned.


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