'Genuinely Hardworking'

What does it mean it and why does it matter?

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What Makes Kevin Different?

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The Power of 'Genuine'

What conveys sincerity, trustfulness, and an all-around persona of, "Kevin has your best interests in mind?" Kevin believes that genuine is the best and most powerful word that embodies the meanings of all of these traits.

Besides, 'brevity' is a trait that can be built into this phrase as well.

The Tenacity of 'Hardworking'

While Kevin could easily list production achievements (x-number of sales, y-millions sold in year z); awards and merits; his education from UCLA in accounting, economics, & political science, and other describing characteristics, Kevin thought: What one word is stronger than a laundry list of traits?

If there's one thing someone should be in any profession, it's "hardworking." That's how the word stuck.

New Service Mark

While built his brand around the No-Pressure model, "Genuinely Hardworking" is Kevin's next big thing. Expect to start seeing it share places with other slogans.

The beauty of Kevin's slogans: they're 100% true depictions of Kevin.
Flyer on Genuinely Hardworking
The first flyer to feature the new slogan Genuinely Hardworking Ventura Real Estate Agent.

Meaning of 'No-Pressure Agent'

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