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A Fall Update on Realtor Kevin

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Jack Paffrath, Realtor Kevin Paffrath's son.

It has been a while since Realtor Kevin has blogged. End 3rd person. I miss writing here. While I write almost every day in real estate, in finance, in regards to personal investments, or simply in my journal, I have missed my blog. Blogging about real estate, I have come to appreciate the change of tempo and opportunity to connect with my past clients, future clients, peers, and others interested in real estate. Yet, it has been since December 30th since my last post. Why is that? Let us find out.

Year in Review

Picture of Realtor Kevin Paffrath Sign Installing

I owe, I owe, so off to work I go.

2015 has been absolutely insane. Never have I had the opportunity to do as much business in a short amount of time. By June 30th, just halfway through the year, I had sold more real estate than I did in all of 2014. In 2014, I sold $16.7 million. By June 30th of 2015: $17.0 million. The average sales for an active real estate agent? $2.2 million. Kevin as of this writing: $22.0 million. Fortunately, as a result of this activity, I have learned some incredible things.

Most notably:

  • Forget always being on time. Be 10 minutes early.
    • My clients know me for being a punctual Realtor. Yet, sometimes appointments are just slightly too close together, which makes for a stressful drive. Planning to “be on time” 10 minutes early has been wonderful.
    • What do I do during those 10 minutes?
      Picture of Kevin's Laptop Stand

      • Installed in my car is now a beautiful, sturdy, laptop stand. Now, I can work efficiently while being less stressed and early; an absolute win-win-win.
        • Incase anyone is curious, I use a power-inverter with my laptop charger neatly organized into my center console.
        • I also tether my phone to my laptop, giving me full access to the MLS, email, file cloud, etc.
        • I am know I have found some incredible deals for clients while parked under a shady tree and updating the MLS.
  • Book Fewer Appointments Everyday.
    • I almost always enjoy my time with my clients.
    • Making sure that I do not feel rushed (different from actually being rushed), I believe leads to better customer service for my clients.
    • I am a big believer in, “there are no road blocks on the extra mile.” If I can spend an extra 20 minutes with my clients to talk to them about home automation, home surge protectors, experiences, investing in real estate, whatever it may be, I would argue a better relationship is formed. Always respecting my clients time and only when they have expressed interest, of course. Educating clients in all aspects of real estate or construction just excites me.
    • Quality time. That is the keyword.
  • Don’t do Tomorrow what can be Done Today.
    • Being adept in preventing procrastination has, without a doubt, enabled my success in real estate.
    • However, there is always room for improvement.
    • For example, should I lookup and print my comps for tomorrow’s appointment tonight or in the morning? Tonight has been the default, lately. This has been excellent! Reason being: While I leave plenty of time to prepare in the mornings, the unexpected sometimes adds some extra, preventable stress.
    • Picture of Realtor Kevin Paffrath Emergency Lacquer Thinner

      Lacquer Thinner Emergency (for loan, of course)

    • Unexpecteds in real estate? All of the time. Here are some examples:
      • Emergency example 1: Gas company will not turn the gas to the house on for 3 weeks. Home buyers have no heat.
      • Emergency example 2: The lender needs the HUD signed by the seller within the next 30 minutes, or else we will not fund, the buyer’s rate lock will expire, and someone will have to — not only pay for the extension of the rate lock — but pay for the buyer’s hotel for the weekend. It’s a Friday.
      • Emergency example 3: The sellers movers broke down. It’s closing day and the buyer’s movers are on their way.
      • Emergency example 4: The appraiser, who drove 2 hours, is at the property and the key is missing from the Supra lockbox. The property is 25 minutes away and the sellers are out of town.
      • E T C.
      • (Some people call real estate agents ‘fire fighters.’)
  • Stress Stinks.
    • Learning how to manage stress, in an environment full of emergencies, has likely been the highest objective of 2015.
    • Multiple emergencies going on at the same time can lead to significant anxiety.
    • The solution: Seeking help from the family (broker father-in-law & property managers Connie and Lauren) when I need support.
      • Fortunately, having incredibly efficient systems in place enables me to be as effective as 3-4 people on a team.
      • I have found that teams often facilitate poor communication and lead to unmet expectations. With my systems, I never miss commitments or obligations.

Has the year been great? Absolutely. Have I learned a lot? Heck yeah! What has the outcome been? Even more efficiency and a tighter-running ship. Considering myself a Navy-Seal-Team-like speedboat, I envision myself speeding around teams and larger companies, the freight ships, in terms of marketing, sales strategies, and customer service.

On the personal front:

Picture of Realtor Kevin Paffrath Moving


Lauren and I moved. Once Lauren and I discovered we were pregnant in late December, we kept our eyes open for a house we could settle in and see ourselves in for the next 10-20 years (as opposed to the 5 we envisioned for the last house — which only ended up being 2). Similarly to how I work with clients, I hunted and found a listing — prior to hitting the market — and we made our move. We are still in East Ventura!


Picture of Jack Paffrath, Realtor Kevin Paffrath's son.

Meet Jack.

Then came Jack! Meet Jack: Born August 31, 2015 at 10:10 p.m., weighing in at 8.2 lb.

“Coming Soon” Plans

What’s next?

  • The pumpkin giveaway of ~600 pumpkins is coming up next week. That is when I personally handout 600 pumpkins to houses I have marketed to for the last 4 years. This is the 3rd annual pumpkin giveaway already!
  • Significant website updates. My favorite: Listings will actually all be sorted under the “listings” page, as opposed to all on the front page. This should streamline information on the home page, while still featuring listings — just in a designated area. HTTPS migration is another consideration.
  • Likely YouTube channel updates.
    • Thoughts on the market.
    • Investing ideas.
    • Renovation ideas.
    • Credits instead of work.
    • What are closing cost credits?
    • Etc.
  • Some eventual shares on home automation, whole-house music, and home security (pet projects I work on, late at night).

Onwards and upwards!

Post written by Realtor at “Meet Kevin“, the amazing real estate agent and brokerage serving Ventura County, including Camarillo, Ventura, Oxnard, & beyond. Writing for home buyers, sellers, investors, and anyone with an interest in real estate, Kevin thanks you for reading.