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Some Save “Too Much” Water — What We Can Learn

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Sewer Problems Saving Too Much Water

Could it be possible to save “TOO MUCH” water? Not in California, but according to a WSJ article on German Thriftiness in Berlin, Germany, saving too much water has actually become a problem. That just seems ironic given that, in Ventura, we are cheering on “dirty-car months” to help save water. Even the Wall Street Journal picked up on Venturan’s efforts to save water by not washing their cars.

Irony aside, as a real estate agent, I thought it would be neat to highlight some aspects of German’s water-thriftiness and the problems it causes in Berlin.

Some Habits in Germany:

  • “Flushing toilets with old bath water
  • “Take turns bathing in the same tub without refilling it.”
  • “When the children leave half-full glasses standing around, Dilek Güngör dumps the contents into her watering can.”
  • “Germans learn from elementary school on to turn the water off while shampooing their hair, soaping their hands and brushing their teeth.”
  • “One customer told him she saved water by spitting out what she used to rinse her mouth after brushing her teeth and using it to water the plants.”

Impacts of Saving Too Much Water (in Germany):

  • “Sewage stagnates in too-large canals and noxious gas is corroding cement.”
  • “Basements in Berlin are flooding because of the rising water table.”
  • “The sewage isn’t moving quickly enough through the system.”

Why do they save so much?

  • Hans-Jürgen Leist Ecolog Institute thinks it may be because of reports of droughts in other areas, like California.
  • Others mention saving money.
  • Last, some “[p]eople have a bad conscience when they use a lot of water”.

How bizarre to think that, while we are in severe drought and state of emergency, some actually face the problem of saving too much water. One thing that I have taken away from my travels to Europe is the ubiquitous use of the “big flush” vs “small flush” system. The “big flush” handles “big business,” while the “small flush” handles “small business.”

Here are some pictures:

Two Button Flush 3 Two Button Flush 2 Two Button Flush

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