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Ventura Economic Statistics

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NPR put together some useful interactive maps on the current economy and broken the data down by counties.

Here some data on Ventura County:

  • Houses in Foreclosure: 1 in 239
  • Unemployment Rate: 1 in 10.6 (out of 429,135 laborers)
  • Median Income: $77,539

Link to the Interactive Map: Economy Where You Live

Here is some Census Data for Ventura County as well:

  • The population grew by 9.3% to 823,318
  • High school graduates: 82.3% (80.5% for the state of CA)
  • Bachelors Degree: 30.3% (29.7% for the state of CA)
  • Home ownership rate: 67.7% (57.9% for the state of CA)
  • Below poverty line: 10.5% (14.2% for the state of CA)

Ventura County QuickFacts from the US Census Bureau

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